Man-Eating Plant
The plant


The Jungle




Eating male animals, eating male skunks, hyenas and snakes


Losing her prey, eating female animals, eating humans

Man-Eating Plant With Snacks

The Man-Eating Plant is the female variant of the Jungle Daisy. The plant can be easily recognized by it's giant mouth and tentacle-like tongue and stems.

Although she is named 'Man-Eating Plant' she rarely tries to eat humans, with Ursula as the only known exception. the plant does however eat a lot of animals from the jungle. in season one alone the man-eating plant devoured a lion, two tigers, three crocodiles, a giraffe, almost a shrew, almost Ursula, more then ten snakes and skunks and a few dozen hyena's. For some reason she seems to only gobble up male animals as the plant didn't eat the shrew or Ursula and she seems to take a liking to skunks, snakes and hyena's especially.