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George of the Jungle is a collaborative website about the movie, the Sequel , the 1967 TV Series of it, and the 2007 TV series George of the Jungle. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any articles, so we can all work together to create the site. Check out the FAQ to help you get started! Second Season would be Aired in Q2/Q3 2015. And We are now accepting Fanfics, Shippings, and etc. in this Wiki

Here's the Link to the 2007 TV Show Online

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Episodes List

1967 George of the Jungle Episodes (Without Super Chicken and Tom Slick)

Theme Song

"George. George. George of the Jungle.

Strong as he can be. Watch out for the Tree.

George. George. George of the Jungle.

Live a Life as Free. Watch out for the Tree.

When he makes his escape, he gets from his friend an Ape Named Ape.

And Away with his elephant name Shep, while Fella and Ursula stay and step.


George. George. George of the Jungle.

Friend to you and me. Watch out for that Tree.

Watch out for that....Oooo! Treeeeee!

George. George. George of the Jungle.

Watch out for that tree."

  1. The Sultan's Pearl
  2. The Malady Lingers On
  3. Ungawa the Gorllia God
  4. Oo-oo Birds of Feathers
  5. Little Scissor
  6. Monkey Business
  7. Next Time, Take the Train
  8. The Desprate showers
  9. Treasure of Sarah Madre
  10. The Trouble I've Seed
  11. Dr Schipzter, I prusume?
  12. Rescue is my Business
  13. Big Flop at the Big Top
  14. Chi Chi Dog
  15. A Man for All Hunting Seasons
  16. The Forest's Prime Evil
  17. Kings Back-to-Back

2007 George of the Jungle Episodes

Theme Song:

(Original Run)

"George. George. George of the Jungle.

He's a Friend to you and me. Watch out for that tree.

When makes an escape, he gets help from an ape named Ape.

Then he rides on his elphant Shep, while Maggie and Ursula stay and Step.

George. George. George of the Jungle.

He's a Friend to you and me. Watch out for the tree."

(Revival Run)


Episode List

  1. Beetle Invasion / The Naked Ape Man
  2. Aromageddon/Found Temple of Gold
  3. Conehead/Cousin Larry of the Jungle
  4. License to Swing/My Own Private Hero
  5. The Snoring/George's Day Off
  6. Lucky Pants/Ape Ruth
  7. Don't Thank Me/For the Love of Sloth
  8. Bathroom of the Apes/Beauty vs Beasts
  9. Star Power/L'il Orphan Anteater
  10. Brother George/Ape Mitzvah
  11. FrankenGeorge/Afraid of Nothing
  12. The Vegemaster/Eagle Tick
  13. George Skips Breakfast/Muscle Mania
  14. Rebel Without a Claw/Stripy Pony
  15. Rainy Season/Love In the Air
  16. Selfish Shellfish/Volcano Pageant
  17. Trouble With Bananaquats/Spoiled King
  18. Extreme Lamebrains/Still Got It
  19. George Lays an Egg/Ape Goes Ape
  20. Mantler, The Man With Antlers/Mount Georgemore
  21. George's Birthday Present/Witching Stick
  22. A Boy and His Elephant/George's Security Stone
  23. Jungle Bells/The Goat of Christmas Presents
  24. Second Banana/One With Nature
  25. Escape to Madmun Island Part 1/Part 2
  26. Escape to Madmun Island Part 3/Part 4
  27. Bringing Silverback/Of Botflies And Men
  28. The Insider/Clockwork George
  29. True Bromance/George X4
  30. As Strong as He Can Tree/George's Song
  31. Queen of the Desert/Kings and Little Ones
  32. Renaissance Ape/2.6b
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