Dr. Stuart Pamela Chicago




Evil Scientist


Cuspid, Ape (Renissance Ape)




George, Ape, Magnolia, Ursula, and His Mother

Hair Color



To pick on the Animals, rule the Jungle, and abusing Cuspid


Getting his plan foiled by George and Friends, and the obvious one, his mother.

Appeared on

George of the Jungle (2007 Version)

Voiced by

Terry McGurrin

Dr. Chicago is the Main Antagonist for the second season of George of the Jungle he is designed after the dropped Character, Dr. Towel Scott.

Episodes Appearances

  • Clockwork George (debut)
  • George X4
  • Strong as He Can Tree
  • Renaissance Ape
  • Much Ado Stuffing
  • Body Politics
  • Sour Milk
  • Cute as Cute Does
  • Shadow of a Dolt
  • Lovecano
  • Mess of Kings
  • Mama Chicago
  • Junior Jungle Achievers
  • Sidekick Chicago
  • George Lays an Egg
  • Excalibanana
  • Slothpocaylpto
  • Original Jungle Kings (cameo)
  • Heart of Gold (cameo)


  • He is designed after the dropped Character from the Original Run.
  • He is voiced by Terry McGurrin, who's best known for the roles of Jonesy Garcia from 6teen, Reef from the first 9 episodes of Stoked (before he gets replaced by Jeff Geddis), and the host Don from the Total Drama Spinoff, The Ridonculous Race.
  • His middle name is actually a girl's name.
  • Dr. Chicago was a villainous character from the original 1967 shorts. His name was a parody of Dr. Zhivago.

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