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Ape (2007)




Ape Intelligence


George, Ursula Scott, Magnolia, Dr. Scott (Original Run), Witch Doctor, Howie (Original Run), Steve (Formerly)




Big Mitch, Chuck, Peacocks, Grouch Mouth, Mighty Burbank, Stan, Karina, Dr. Chicago, Cuspid, Tiger, Weevil, Ted, Steve

Hair Color

Gray (Body), Red (Head)


Bananas, Bananaquats, Termites, Reading books


George's Stupidity, Bongos, Big Mitch

Appears in

George of the Jungle (2007 Version)

Voiced By

Paul Dobson (Original Run)
Rob Tinker (Revival Series)

Ape, an ape that is George's best friend and personal genius they were both raised byGorillas in the Jungle. As George's buddy, Ape is always there to help George with Ursula and Magnolia to encourage George when he tries. And on the Second Season, he's going to have a British Accent Just like his 1967 Counterpart.

Ape is sometimes seen joining George in the occaision It is also seen that ape has an obession in excotic and rare foods (like Bananaquats) and also foods like tick, and fleas just like other monkeys.

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