In the opening of the original run, a picture of a funny or wacky-looking animal can be seen for a split second. But it did not return for the revival series.

List of Opening Gags

  • Episode 1 : A tamarin monkey with cartoony eyes
  • Episode 2 : A giraffe with a pirate bandana, eyepatch and earring
  • Episode 3 : A monkey wearing goggles
  • Episode 4 : Penguins with fridge doors on their stomachs
  • Episode 5: A gopher holding a deck of cards
  • Episode 6: An orangutan dressed in Japanese attire
  • Episode 7: A grinning tarsier
  • Episode 8: A warthog with a toupe
  • Episode 9: A fish with rabbit ears and whiskers
  • Episode 10: A wombat with silly buck teeth
  • Episode 11 : A pumpkin with Ape's face carved in it
  • Episode 12: A seal wearing swim goggles
  • Episode 13 : An owl with gianormous eyes
  • Episode 14 : An emu with a large eye and cartoony teeth
  • Episode 15: Same gag as episode 14
  • Episode 16 : A pug dog with three eyes
  • Episode 17 : An baby opossum with large eyes
  • Episode 18: George peering out of an open lion's mouth
  • Episode 19: A condor with Elvis-style hair
  • Episode 20: A furry dog with a moustache
  • Episode 21: A tree frog with large pink lips
  • Episode 22 : A monkey with facial makeup
  • Episode 23 : A paper giraffe
  • Episode 24 : A gazelle with electric robotic antenna
  • Episode 25 : A koala dressed as Leia from Star Wars
  • Episode 26 : A sheep dressed with a St. Patrick's hat and pipe.

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